ARTFACTORY's mission is to bring distinctively unique combination of contemporary artistry to your homes and businesses. It is the prime destination for customized artworks in many Designs & mediums under one roof.

Artfactory located in Chennai ,India , is a cornerstone in inspired artistry During its twenty five years of journey have been exploring possibilities in Architectural and Decorative art, The founder J Yeamanthgiri, with Y.latha always have an experimental approach in creating their Exclusive Artworks for each projects. The creative Atelier, that the studio represents its art & design works, through acquired skills is expressed in many mediums like Metal, Wood, Glass, Acrylics and many other natural materials. Our inspired artistry is a blend of art, engineering and aesthetics. Acting as a proactive partner for Interior Designers and Architects. Art works thus created have been ranging from small to Big projects in and out of India.

Artfactory is about collaborative syncing of people ,design, materials and techniques from traditional to modern, The custom designs developed with tailor-made skills enhance the space intended, This is how the high expectations of an increasingly demanding need is managed, we also thank the team of internal and external collaborators in our efforts to create exclusive artworks on schedule !

We Have also marked our foots in Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkatta collaborating with Architects, Interior designers and Many potential Individuals.

Our inspirations truly transforms your dream space to a fascinating dimension to experience every day !


Yeamanth specializes in architectural and interior art and design since 1992. After his studies from the school of art, Chennai, Yeamanth worked extensively on assignments in northern India with traditional south Indian painting styles, art glass and relief art in many mediums. His pursuit to acquire an in-depth knowledge of mediums and techniques led him to Germany, where he specialized in glass art.

With an emphasis on customized artwork he has worked, on request, with many clients, architects and interior designers. Yeamanth believes that each of his creations reflect an individuality that mirrors his inspiration and contemplation for the artwork. He brings to his work a balance of art, science, engineering and aesthetics. His combination of traditional and contemporary design, material and techniques transforms a space giving it an identity and life of its own.

His artworks are featured both in residential and commercial spaces in India and abroad.

He lives and work in East Coast Road, Chennai.

Our inspired artistry transforms your dream space even dreamier.